Why You Should Include Dark Chocolate 
In Your Fat Burning Program
Craving chocolate?...
It might just be time to give in once and for all. If you’ve been avoiding chocolate at all costs – despite thinking about it 24/7 – it’s time to relax and eat up.

Chocolate may just do more good than harm. Here’s why.

Feel-Good Endorphins
It’s true. The fact that you feel good when you eat chocolate isn’t just in your head. Well it is, but not in the way you think.

Chocolate will cause a release of positive feel-good neurotransmitters that do literally boost your mood and induce a feeling of calmness in the body.

So by eating it, you literally are making yourself feel better – chemically speaking. There’s a reason why it seems so addicting…

When you choose the right type of chocolate, it can also be a very good source of antioxidants. This means it’ll help combat against free radical damage, which can be very powerful in keeping you feeling as healthy as possible.

It’ll help to boost your immune system as well, keeping the common cold and flu away along with other illnesses.

A strong immune system is especially important for those who are physically active because with each workout you do, you will stress your immune system slightly.

Craving Control
Finally, as mentioned in the introduction, going ahead eating that piece of chocolate might just help you fend off those cravings, making it easier to maintain your fat loss diet the rest of the time.

You can’t expect yourself to never eat foods you enjoy again – this is unrealistic thinking and will only lead to you falling off the diet completely if you try and do so.

Instead, you need to treat yourself – on occasion – so that way you know that no food is never off limits. The minute you allow for these treats once in a while is the minute your mind will stop obsession about what you ‘can’t have’.

The Caveat
So now that you can see why you should be adding chocolate back into your plan, take note that there is one caveat to this all.

It must be dark chocolate.

Eat regular milk chocolate and you will be taking in a whole lot of sugar, and not much else. That is not the healthy option. You can do it, but the only benefit you’ll be getting is craving control.

If you opt for dark chocolate however (the darker, the better), you won’t be taking in all that much chocolate at all and the antioxidant content will be higher as well.

You’ll also take in some healthy fat along with this, so it’s a win-win. Just do note that the calories contained in this piece of chocolate will be quite high, so keep your portion under control.

One square every few days is all you should need to boost your health and satisfy that craving.

So don’t disobey those cravings any longer. Give in, but wisely. It might just help you stick to your plan and burn fat faster.

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